Tuesday, May 21, 2013

i haven't blogged lately but i have a good excuse. i was sick. came home thursday, my day off, felt fine for a few hours, then wham. major nausea. vomiting. diarrhea, which no one wants to hear about. sane people, anyway. oh wait, i forgot, no one reads the blog. i could describe it in detail, but why? humans are gross, especailly when sick. so, i slacked off for a few days. was i home? yes. by the computer, able to type? yes. good excuse? no. i'm kind of at an odd point, now that the possbile christian novel is done. i think i'm scared of finishing. also, have gone back to the re edit on whsipers on the breeze, and have hit a major stalling point. i'm lazy. that's the stalling point. we'll see how much i can do. whew! still amazed i finished the christian novel. and now i need to get to work on another one. i'm thinking horror, maybe, this time. i love horror. i must review my many reads for goodreads, soon.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

so i have written more than i have been able to post. i am almsot done with the christian book. right now it's saved under hillbilly cross, no working title. and needs lots of re editing. of course. still, that just done feeling? just escaped me. i need like, a cool sentence or some neato saying to end on. a little bang at the end. and i skipped an argurment between two major characters, just got tired. but so much closer. so close to the end. whoooo hooooo.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i didn't write much. bad girl. i did finish the new anne bishop, written in blood. a little dark but otherwise very nice. i found blake crouch's book "pines". i was going to get it on kindle, but found it at the library. amazing. they usually don't have anything i want, and there it was, right in the new book section. had to read it to the end to find out why, but really, i don't know if it mattered. one of those books there were several possible endings. still a great read. i have been lazy lately. ol aunt flo came to town in a pissy mood, and made me sick. norwegian fish oil by twin labs helps, usually, but this time i threw it up. not so useful. i had a few lousy nights. now, i need to crack the whip. yeah, i lost the feel of the story, but if i want to be a writer, this is the important part. if i skip for a few days can i force myself to go back and finish? that is what makes or breaks most writers. we'll see. i do have a few days coming off, my weekend, but i should have something done by then.

Monday, April 22, 2013

wrote some more yesterday. another two thou or so. not a lot, but then anything is better than nothinng. the plot is going slow, but that's okay, need to hit sixty thou by the end or so. still thinkin harlequin, even if the book might not be good enough, still worth trying, and pushing onself that little bit extra. reading an awesome book called no doors no windows by john shreiber. just a few pages from the end when boyfriend comes home. sob. must finish. later. when quiet.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

downloaded what was on the alphasmart, about 6ooo. also have about two thousand on there yet. haven't written the last two days, lazy of me on my nights off. better world books still has their sale on. so far, i bougt 28 books. this month alone. and will probably buy more, payday next week. i'm a sucker for some books.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I wrote some last night. picked up a new book but made myself put it down long enough to write. that is what is going to make or break me as a writer, right now, is actually putting the time in. finished reading the radleys by matt haig. great book, loved his use of metaphors, spot on. also finished anno mortis by rebecca levene also a great book. a bit of a zombie novel, but if you like that type, it's part of the tomb of the dead series. quick read, about four or five main characters, great heroine, very much a strong female type. they're hard to do but this author nails it. lots of barbarians, and Romans. what's not to love? there's about six thou words sitting on the alpha smart i need to download, it makes keeping track of the writing so much better. I just noticed. going by reading material, you would never guess I’m writing christian romance now. I kind of wanted to get away from some of the erotica, going to try this book for a few months, because, really, any writing is good practice. christian romance can be good because the writing itself can't be boring. throw in a sex scene in an erotica and it's okay (not great but okay) if the descriptions are a bit lame, or characters a tad cardboard. not so with no sex scenes! a real challenge. I noticed since I’ve been rereading Koontz that I’m a lot more wordy. of course his novels are great wordy, mine might be boring. we'll see when it's done and edited, if i can get that far.

Friday, April 12, 2013

i did maybe about a thousand last night. then i was reading the radleys, it'a really good book so far, barely into it, and the teen is thinking how he wants to be a writer but probably never will, and i thought how sad. that's becuase he's not writing. so i ripped the book from my hand ( i was liking it so far) and made myself write something. almost a no go, so easy to quit after a few hundered words. but at last, the flow of good words, a scene coming out to the light, and i did about two thousand or so. though that's nothing, if i want to write i need to do more, still i'm proud of myself having accompished something, and with a book i was enjoying, and without checking facebook or email or anything. I don't know where I am on the final word count, possibly just shy of twenty thou or so. at least i wrote something.