Tuesday, August 19, 2008

found more e book directories, might add them to the blog later.
finished, finished, finished!!!! dark supers. it started as a nanowrimo winner, and now is a finished hopefully good enough piece of smoldering ebook erotica soon to be published. it's a bit later than i wanted, since forbidden passions is out (go buy it now! whispers! your favorite new site!) and i wanted this book up for subs or in the works by now. my fault for being late, although it should have been sci fi comedy. maybe get that one done next. of course, i'm going to have fast publishing times, becuase most of these books were already written before i started submiting.
just read a feehan story, um, i forget the title, don't care. about a vampire. i noticed, three pages leading up to sex scene, hot verbs, actual sex scene two paragraphs, action verbs. nice. i could learn something.
so, went back over my writing, and added more comments about what they are feeling. one can always learn from experienced writers.
a lot of writers when new don't write enough.they cut out those needed words. they race through the story at a break neck pace, then add plot willy nilly to stretch it out to book length. feel free to write, you're a writer.
you can always cut later, easier then staring at the comp for hours. which i did today.
but finished!
dark supers is so re written. i changed the plot, the original pacing, every even chapter a sex chapter, was nice but made for a crappy story. two sex with Hero, then two with cool, then tension. much better. and pacing? a bit off chapter wise, but better overall, with plot spread out instead of dragging along and crammed in at the end.

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