Tuesday, August 26, 2008

todayi did no writing whatsoever, for which i need to be spanked. a good writer writes. it's what drives authors. if not, they would go to work, come home, and sit on thier butt watching tv. come to think of it, that's what i did today. tomorrow i will just have to force myself to write. of course, i could do it today, but i am lazy. i should force myself to go over dark supers yet again, becasue it only takes on ebad book to ruin a career. i know, i have lost mylove for authors when one book sucks. sometimes, i'll try thier next book, but that's it. and that one bad book might be the one most people read, and decide they don't like the style. each books needs to be good, but at the same time, i want to keep to the schedule of having another book ready by the time one is published. the sci fi comedy is almost done, so that should be up next. by then, hopefully, i will have another one done.
thank god for alpha smart. i can lie in bed and write.
and the batteries last forever, like days.
and it's so durable, i can toss it in a backpack or black bag and it will survive just fine.
i love my alpha smart. nanowrimo was giving them away on loan to beginner writers. awesome.
writing at night isn't always so good. it's hard to write erotica then go to sleep, but writing does help calm the mind down, and burns off extra mental engery.
which i don't have now.

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