Tuesday, December 30, 2008

so far, the sci fi comedy, possbily called chad, is at 51,771 for a word count. and i still don't have all the sex scenes worked in, but on the bright side, it means i can cut freely, one of the first books i have been able to chop down and still have a good size word count.
i need to print the contract for whispers, send it off, and finish "chad" before it comes back, because when it does i need to concentrate back on that one until it is all done. should take about a week or two, maybe, to edit.
agh. and i haven't even given any thought to what the front cover will look like. gotta be somethign with a superhero, because a man in the right costume is just so sexy. maybe both hero and cool, one on each side, with her in between, as though choosing. for a book cover, great, but for an ebook, too busy. the simpler the better. i'll work on it.
so take note, want to be erotica writers. here's good advice for romance writers. when you write a book, and think, oh that would make a good front cover, put a copy of that scene somewhere. like, save it as poss. front. then, add a few more, if you like, and choose between them. hmm. maybe i'll find something when i re edit.

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