Wednesday, August 5, 2009

so i got my new cover for dark heroes. and, i love it and dislike it.
i love the mask, love the way he is kissing her, and am just totally buggered as to why there's this flowery print stuff on it. it looks kind of like, wehn you had the old cameras and film, and you accidentally shot two pictures on one frame, you know? and there would be ghosts, and overlaps? it kind of reminds me of that.
it's just you know, someone way higher up the whole book publishing scale than me said they liked it. and I know, they sell many many books, i don't. so it's okay to make fun of things as long as you remember other people mkght like it and it's okay to like and dislike differnt things. it's why there is more than one flavor of ice cream, right?
now, bear in mind we have all seen really bad covers. and imean, really bad, like chopped up mish mashes.
(horror music in background) THE DANGERS OF PHOTOSHOP! LIVE, ON YOUR SCREEN. DU DU DU. They looks like, a good example of why you shouldn't photoshop when on drugs. kids, don't try this at home.
but the horror of others covershas made me digress, and reminded me that really, this cover isn't so bad, i'm just not fond of the shadow effect.
the main character is not a wimpy type of women who has anything to do with flowers. the hero does not have anything to do with flowers. i don't get it.
and i hate to complain, because i like everything about the cover except EXCEPT that print on top. i'll make sure to put an image on the side. anyway, It seems like such a small thing to complain about. i mean, i never like girly stuff becasue i feel like it is forced on me. being a woman, and all. maybe it's just me, and maybe other women will say, aw how cute! a femnine thing that has nothing to do with the book! yet it's on the front cover!
i mean, you know, maybe it's just me.
i am hoping to launch a profitable (read, i need money) career and hope this book sells well. also, whispers has just been totally awesome to me, and i would love for them to at the very least break even, or better, make a huge profit. and the rest of the cover is very nice.

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