Sunday, July 18, 2010

I was looking at the harlequin website, and I'm not sure where the paramedic book would fit in. it's about 30,000 words now, and most books need to be about 50,000. I can think I can make the word count without adding dull pointless crap that just bogs the novel down.
But, I'm not going to stop writing it just because I don't know where it'll be submitted. There's a lot of advice to write for a particular publisher, and that advice can help shape a book and give it a heading. But, there's a lot of books that seem to break the mold. I think that if you are passionate about the book, really in love with it, even if not in love with your writing, that you will end up with a good book, a publishable book, and someone, somewhere, will want it.
So, I'm going to force myself to finish the paramedic book, soon, even though I keep making deadlines and ignoring them as they go by.
Asking myself is this good enough to get published had produced interesting results. The goal is not the end of the book, but better writing, which desperately need to work on.
And, I notice I make excuses, like I can picture a sentence that bad in another book. I'm not reading my material and saying, oh, that's as good as a print novel! But, I think the writing is getting better. I just need to practice, and I think aiming for a publishing company might help. Mostly, I just have to be passionate about the book.

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