Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I heard back from the editor already, and what will hopefully be the last re edits should be done by sept 9 or so. so the book might be for sale by nov or oct. yippee. this one I want to promote, and maybe send off for a review. but mostly, I'm, just glad it's done. Er, almost done.
I wrote the second to last chapter of the paramedic novel, and the second for a fantasy novel. and I have done nothing on the horror.
I just read the third book in the hunger games!!! loved it. the action scenes are still well written, and the love interest subtle and awesome. I thought it was a great book.
and I gone the third book in the gone series. a bit more disappointing. a great book, but it's not the end of the series. each novel just digs the mystery deeper. Still, if you liked the other two books, you'll love lies.
And I read this crappy book (yes I did a lot of reading in the last few days. ) about these weird shapeshifters, and she kills someone, then later, it is never mentioned again. and the guy falls in love with her, and they end up in a parallel world after he had learned telepathy, and she's all the victim and they're in love and I'm like, what happened to the guy you killed? Seems like you're not exactly an innocent damsel in distress when you're killing someone, by ripping their throat out on a roller coaster. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
I think, the author went one way with the book, discovered paranormal romance and ended up there. It just doesn't quite make sense.
Note to self: do not change genres midstream in a book.
Just, you know, a little tip for myself there.

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