Monday, August 16, 2010

I heard back from the editor at whispers. the new edits are in, for the whole manuscript, the book should be out soon. the paramedic book is coming along great. I just have a few more scenes, and it should be done, then for tons of re editing.
but first, I'm going to advertise thief of hearts, as soon as I know for sure when it comes out. I think it's my favorite book cover so far.
I just read this great book about a werewolf, but then the back cover said the author died after writing that one. dang. I hate finding a good book then not finding any more by the author. like when lindholm changed her name to hobb, and I thought I had two great authors.
i am still on my horror kick and just read a ted dekker novel. the main character is taking a drugs to have near death experiences, in order to catch this killer. I had to ask myself, do my characters care about anything that much?
and i was reading this book about vampire virus by toro, and there's this great passage where the professor thinks the vamps are coming back, and it's really tight prose, nicely well done. is my writing that good? not by a long shot. time to keep trying.
i love to stop by starbucks and hack away at the alphasmart. if I skip spelling, I can type over a hundred words a minute, or two thousand words before work.
last time I went, I didn't write much on the current story, mostly on a horror novel. I keep thinking of good plots for them, but the writing is so different from romance.
the editors at whispers are some of the greatest, and have helped me immeasurably.

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Nancy said...

Wow! You sure covered a lot of topics and gave me things to think about with this blog article. I am a recently published author with Whispers Publishing (DRAGON'S CURSE came out June 25th)and can't wait for your book. Good luck!