Friday, January 28, 2011

I have been working real hard on the plot for the vamp/pirate book, and on the christian romance book. So far, both are good, with the vamp novel at I think, about thirty thousand, the christian lagging far behind.
I'm up to page 13 out of eighty on the re write, which is pretty good. I was reading some Lisa Kleypas, a great author. If you haven't read her yet, you gotta check out her books, full of fiery prose and action verb romance. Anyway, I noticed she has a line or two of dialogue than a few sentences of description, or comments, or thoughts.
So I set that as a goal for myself for the re write. So far it's going swimmingly. I don't know why I like that phrase, it's just stuck in my head. I'm going to try and push myself to finish the novel, because I said I would in January (yeah, what was I thinking? Where my butt kicking machine so I can stand in front of it? Oh wait, I wore it out last week. Oh well.) so I’m going to try for the first part of February. Yeah, not quite the deadline, I grant.
But better a book a few weeks more in the making, than a quick piece of crap. So I keep telling myself when I stop to read something else. Or watch TV.
Two days ago I was on page six of the re write, with doing nothing yesterday. So, pretty good, I think. We'll see how fast I can get it done, then maybe go over it again. Before sending it to whispers. Though if I like it, I might try a more paying market, which is a little scary, because whispers has been good to me, but originally I said I wanted novels in several sites to sell better. More of a household name, sort of thing.
I'm going to keep the christian romance until I get a book that does not need much editing, than I'll know i'm ready to submit to a paying publisher. It's hard to tell how close I am. There's part of the book I like well, then I go over it later and don't like it so much. Then I do.
Anyway, it's worth a shot.
And while you're waiting for my next big book, buy heart of thief! Buy it now, buy buy buy!

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