Friday, January 14, 2011

Last blog, I said I was going to blog more often. Yeah, right. I'm also going to win the lottery.
Just got the last edit back from whispers, and I'm hoping it's the last one, that the book will soon be up for sale. Hoping hoping hoping, we'll see.
I reread Dean Koontz Mr. murder, and now I can't remember why. Good book, he has intensity in his writing. So does Lisa Gardner. I'm reading the perfect husband, which is older than her other books I read, only I didn't know that or I would have read it first. Totally awesome book so far, as is all of hers. This one has a thing worth noting, for now. Here's this side character, not mentioned to a quarter of the way through: serial killer profiler quincy. If you're a fan of hers, you know that quincy is later awarded his own series of books. Which is well worth noting, a fantastic author has side characters so good, you love them, so complex you can write whole books about them. My side characters? Outlines, at best. Ouch.
One comment here about side characters. In Heart of the Thief, there's this evil guy, like a Hannibal lecter. The editor filled in a few gaps and gave him greasy hair, gold ring, chest hair, etc. how different is that? I'm thinking Mr. got to kill, she's thinking Mr sleaze. But it works, so good enough, but it's a good lesson, again, in how even side characters need details.

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