Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I now very thoroughly hate blogger. It has made me change my password suddenly (freaking security! Agh!) which I then, of course, did not write down, because it was such a swearword ( I don't like surprises or the frustration of things not going easily, as in I just want to see my blog page OMG without the hassle!! double agh!!) and now I forgot it. So all the fun of redoing the cursing- I mean, password resetting in a calm adult manner ( don't ask why the keyboard is almost broke in half. Really. Don't.) and then a whole new slew of choices. And everyone I want is weak. Weak. Like cartman on south park weak, dude. (triple agh!!!) so I had to make up a new password and this time write it down. Of course you're not suppose to write down passwords because someone might find it and alter an otherwise boring unread blog. Oh the horror. So I dicker around with it for a few minutes and then finally, come to the conclusion I won't remember the new password, I was lucky the old one stuck for as long as it did, so there. I have a new password and wrote it down. Yeay me. For about a few months, when this will crop up again with some other system. ( agh to the, what are we up to, fourth? Sure why not. Four aghs!!!) and that's one of the problems with crime. Not just the victims etc are affected, but little peripheral people you don’t' think about, in more ways than just changing passwords all the time. Security is a heavy influence in ease of getting bank info, vital documents, etc. it's just annoying even as we're grateful for the security blanket that smothers us in our sleep. I mean protect us, o great big brother. Ahem.
Everything is going great with total ebound, I will get a new eamil address for their fans. Security, you know. I don't want anyone to have my old one, it's got enough spam and I have had it forever. Like. Almost. Okay a few years, but I like , it's stuck in my old decaying brain and is the only I remember to check. Mostly because it pops up when I log on and mom emails sometimes. To borrow money.

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