Saturday, March 30, 2013

i logged off the internet, then forced myself to log back on. i was exhausted from too many hours of facebook's farmville 2. loser! this is why you don't have enough books written! loser. anyway, i wrote about 2,400 or so on wed night. so there's that, then didn't get off my lazy butt to blog until today. hmm. and spent the weekend playing slots, via facebook. hello, time waster. just started a clive barker novel, pretty good. finished the dean koontz, going to start another of his classics. think, maybe, i can see the difference in the writing, how i have more details, not as afraid to talk about the characters. nowhere near his level of writing, mnay never get there, but any improvment is good. I must write some tonight, at work. here's hoping.

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