Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i didn't write much. bad girl. i did finish the new anne bishop, written in blood. a little dark but otherwise very nice. i found blake crouch's book "pines". i was going to get it on kindle, but found it at the library. amazing. they usually don't have anything i want, and there it was, right in the new book section. had to read it to the end to find out why, but really, i don't know if it mattered. one of those books there were several possible endings. still a great read. i have been lazy lately. ol aunt flo came to town in a pissy mood, and made me sick. norwegian fish oil by twin labs helps, usually, but this time i threw it up. not so useful. i had a few lousy nights. now, i need to crack the whip. yeah, i lost the feel of the story, but if i want to be a writer, this is the important part. if i skip for a few days can i force myself to go back and finish? that is what makes or breaks most writers. we'll see. i do have a few days coming off, my weekend, but i should have something done by then.

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