Saturday, April 6, 2013

So I wrote almost nothing lately. So much for good intentions, yeah I know. I did write about another two thousand or so, on um, tue night? Because wed was that time of the month, and I felt sick and decided not to write. What a lazy excuse. Still, though, thur I was feeling sick. Barfy. So I guess it's okay, except that doesn't leave me with an excuse for the next couple of nights. And, that puts me at two thou a week. Sucky. Seriously. Real writers, virtually everyone who is published, writes like eight hours or more a day. And when not writing during those eight hours, they are editing, calling, working. Almost forty hours. I bet if you polled all the writers who have been published, in a -genre, recently, nyc bestseller list, whatever- I bet they spend hours a week. Hours. Not one or two, but hours. I noticed I stopped on the story I was editing. Was doing it on the weekend, (my weekend, thur and fri, not the real weekend, I work) and that I stopped on a dialogue moment. Clearly it scares me enough to stop writing, and it should, talking is an important way to show character, reveal personality, etc. so I watched some hulu, because I want too, telling myself it was research, and lo and behold. Everyone talked normally. Just talk about feelings, situations, etc. An here I’m rereading koontz. Do I need any better example of dialogue? Richard laymon was all short and sweet, but with lots of sex in his books. I have recently discovered an author called david wiltse. Thank you better world books for your awesome bargain bin sale. When my bank account has died of starvation you will be to blame, and when I die from a book case collapse and the mouse cage is buried under paperbacks, you are to blame. Kidding! It's really a willpower issue. As in I have none where books are concerned. Free shipping! Go now to their site and buy buy buy!

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