Tuesday, May 21, 2013

i haven't blogged lately but i have a good excuse. i was sick. came home thursday, my day off, felt fine for a few hours, then wham. major nausea. vomiting. diarrhea, which no one wants to hear about. sane people, anyway. oh wait, i forgot, no one reads the blog. i could describe it in detail, but why? humans are gross, especailly when sick. so, i slacked off for a few days. was i home? yes. by the computer, able to type? yes. good excuse? no. i'm kind of at an odd point, now that the possbile christian novel is done. i think i'm scared of finishing. also, have gone back to the re edit on whsipers on the breeze, and have hit a major stalling point. i'm lazy. that's the stalling point. we'll see how much i can do. whew! still amazed i finished the christian novel. and now i need to get to work on another one. i'm thinking horror, maybe, this time. i love horror. i must review my many reads for goodreads, soon.

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