Sunday, December 30, 2007

thank goodness for television. my brain is numb from hours of time wasting hidden object games. it doesn't help that my weak little brain finished a game and hit the net to look for more brain building search and find games. sometime between my eyes going numb and total coma, i had a thought. unusual for me, i know, but it happens. and the thought? was that i was bored. and i want to write. so what would i read when i was tired? what would be so good i would read even if i didn't feel like reading? becasue i just read somewhere that adult booksales are down, and that does not refer to porn.
so i realized funny would be good, becasue i alwasy like funny.
Robert Rankin new book was devoured almost as soon as i got my grubby hands on it from Barnes and Noble. i read lots of books for a laugh, like christopher moore or 'gil's fright night diner,' and 'witch with no name.' by a. lee martinez. very good books. good plots. good laughs.
new jokes, good plots, tight writing. that's what it takes to write a good novel.
sure enough, back in my early, starry eyed want to be a writer days, i had a few funny stories started than abandoned, my usual writing method. start a story, realize i have a thin plot, get new idea, write that. have thin plot, new idea. hmm. i see a theme here.
but still. when i found the old disk and called 'er up it was pretty good. i was laughing. i liked it, even if i hated the mistakes i made early on. i can tighten the writing now, i think, and maybe have a great read. it might sell. i think you just need a niche, and write.
i might have to stop abandoning novels halfway through.

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