Sunday, January 27, 2008

heard back from lsb- good news, bad news. first, they will not publish the book. sob. the characters didn't have enough between them, and too many flashbacks. but good news, they thougth the sex scenes were great (and I thought they would be toughest) and that they would like to see more sotries from me in the future. so all is not hopeless. flashbacks can be wiped out with a differnt plot, and I will add details about their feelings for each other.
I found the disk I was looking for. I hate moving. I will never own furniture that weighs more then twenty pounds, I swear. Somewhere between mom's china hutch, grandfather clock, and the couch, I decided that. I will nto own heavy furniture in my own house.
I have finally put the bookcases up. twenty feet long, floor to ceiling, plus all the other books piled along the walls. ouch. I have more books than most small town libraries.
I added more to the rewrite for comedy sci fi, and proud of myself. even if I didn't have the disk I wanted, I made do something. now that I have heard back from lsb, I must find something to send them, and resend forbidden passion elsewhere, after rewrtie.

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