Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I got as call for an interview, and haven't wwritten a thing since. shows you where my priorites lie; show me hard cash, and my mind wanders. although, job or no, I will still write. for instance, found this cute quiz
sci-fi interesting. from grimspace blog. by the way, i ended up with jumper, a kick butt heroine. oh la la.
got it from smart bitches- cool website. a romance blog.
and my blog? I don't know if anyone is even reading it! ah! I will never be famous at this rate. well, actually, I will never be famous if I don't get published, but blaming it on the blog feels better. yes, better, less resposnbility for me.
and then, back to writing. tomorrow.
just in case someone accidentally lands on my blog, they'll see a new post, new undiscovered country no one but me has seen. *sob*

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