Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it works! small happy dance, big sigh of relief. note to other non computer idiots, when you replug in modems, turn the power off first. then connect everything, then back on. now I have the internet! yippee! without running up and down and rearranging a bunch of cables. yes.
now, I have decided to post small sections of my work, and invite people to rip it apart.
because alien skin magazine does it, and I sent a story in, and i thought most of the their comments were helpful. not all, maybe, but they had some good points. and I got a free t-shirt. very nice. of curse, people read blogs upside down, really, because if you put a story in three sections, people see the end first, then the rest. but still. I'll think I'll give it a try, and please, feel free to tell me what you really think, even negative comments, as long as it's true.

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