Tuesday, January 22, 2008

still don't have the internet without going through a lot of hoopla. and yet, still, i haven't written a lot. no, I’ve been wasting my time setting up bookcases, reading, unpacking. you know, fun activities, like going to utilities and paying out deposits. just a thrill a minute. good thing about running up and down the stairs to whine over the internet connection, though, is that it should help me lose weight. lucky me. still have not heard from lsb, will give it one more week. I have rewritten some of the sci-fi fantasy funny erotica. I just need to crack down on myself more.
and of course, half of my writing time is spent looking for some disks. ugh. I can't believe how much crap I have. being a firefighter has taught me two things. one, have a will and testament, because you never know when sudden death will happen. (seen lots of car crashes,they really happen to fast to fill out last minute paperwork. Have it ready before hand.) and two, I know a couple of deaths that happened from too much crap. Yep, one human, couldn't get out of his house, one old lady, couldn't be found, and a few dogs that burnt because they got stuck behind junk. although, one got stuck behind one of those safety doors for toddlers, keeps them from escaping? if you have one, get one you can kick out of the way, with the kids in your hands. And now, I’m going through boxes asking myself, do I want to keep this just to keep it, or will I ever use it again, for anything?
Of course, that’s what I do when I am looking for disks. Just start tearing through boxes, and curse my bad memory, and hope for the best.

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