Sunday, March 23, 2008


ouch! the count meter atthe bottom must be broke. hah! but this might help~
yes, it is just an e-book, but it's still being published, i can now call myself a published author.
whispers has decided to offer me a contract.
first, they sent an email with the contract and other papers. my sister was nice enough to print them out.
than, I sign and send back, snail mail. along with a form requesting name and address and ssn for payment, and such. there's two forms that can be sent email, one describes the book cover, and the other is ad copy. like a quick line to sell the book, or a brief description that people will read to decide if they want to buy it. after putting around for a few hours, i think i came up with an okay one. so far, nothing better has struck me, so i'll go with what i got, instead of postponing endlessly.
still, i was so happy, i wanted to run out and eat steak and lobster, celebrate. i am still happy, almost a week later.
this so far has been surprisingly easy, but than i haven't started with an editor yet. god knows, my grammer is in the toilet. instinct only carries you so far. being a native amercian speaker, i do not remember what a gerund is, or the exact rules for comma use. whispers sent me a style sheet explaining that. i think it was a hint, and i needed it.
i discovered a new author, steve pizick. he's pretty good. and so great, the bookstore had the book i was looking for by the guy. totally awesome when you walk into a bookstore and find just the book you were looking for. oh, and greg iles is another one i just started. mortal fear was pretty good, and i just started another one. big, thick books.
who~hooo! getting published.

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