Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ouch! moved again. Thank God I don't own any heavy furniture. and again, a long wait for the internet. cable got here when they could. not too bad of a wait though. climbing the walls gave me something to do. then picked plaster splinters out from under the nails. oh yeah, no tv or internet just so fun. lucky i was born in this century, where i can slacker off long time.
actually, new job is going okay. i have plenty time to think, which is good for a want to be writer. whispers is considering one of the books, forbidden passion. i wrote a few more chapters on the paramedic story. otherwise, i am just so lazzzzzy.
and sick. the flu is going around, and it's my second week at work. after paying off deposits and such, i might have money friday. of next year. sob. no taking off, but it just does not look good to get hired and take off. someday i hope i will be a writer, becasue even sick i can write. and it'
s easy to write snuggled under blankets with a dripping nose. gross.
oh, and that cough? the one that says hacking up a lung, rattle wet sounding grossness. mom had it, and i could not eat when she hacked, spit, etc. ugh. but enough whining. time to get back to work. once i'm done playing computer games endlessly. heh, just got the net back, right?

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