Monday, April 7, 2008

after dithering for days, I have finally come up with a possbile book cover. after checking out the sites, and seeing how sexy a simple cover can be, i was thinking of going with a woman, half naked, back to camera, ( is camera right word?) handing her top to the guy. you gotta picture the guy. women can't fantazie about the man if they don't have a pciture, at least somewhere, in their minds or book covers. whereas the woman, with no face, is easier for the reader to picture themselves there.
so, i'm thinking, i can't think of a thing to write for helium, and than i notice someone jerking the wheel of a truck excessivly when an ambulance goes by, lights and sirens. now, i'm thinking what an idiot, what i would have done differntly, (yes, screaming and swearing were invovled) and run that through a spell checker, i have an helium article. surprisingly, even quiet people could probably think of a complaint they want to share with others.
oh, started writing a really good scene last night, than got to tired to finish, and now i'm worried. what if it isn't as good as i remembered? i don't care. i like writing, i like thinking of myself as a writer (everything else is a second job, even when it pays the bills and eats up all the time) and i will lie to myself if i have to, and think i can always fix it in re edit.
that said, do i like my work? i have no confidence. that's it. doesn't matter how good, bad, writing is, you have to have confidnce to likeyour work, or you just worry. for instance, i don't like most of the plots. they start out okay, with a good scene, then bog in themiddle, maybe an ending i like, then i tack on here and there. i will work on it. finding my problems will help me fix them. and i can fix it in re edit. he he.

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