Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I just started reading dust, by Elizabeth Bear. so far, the book is awesome, though a little tough. the nanotechnogoly has been done before, so I pretty much understand what is going on. Still, worlds of such complexion can be hard to understand (does complexion refer to complex also, or just to a face?) Yet the author does a good job of explaining without bogging down into tiresome details. And in between oddities, the pace moves well, and the characters are interesting. Of course, that’s my opnion. I also loved the music of razors. Not the horror story you might think, but a novel about an angel’s bones and the twins that acquire them. both stories have a narrative that sticks in one voice, and deal with things that need explaining. Skipping chapters will lead to confusion, yet both authors kept the pace up well. What I really liked about razors is that I read so much, and yet here was a new way to express things. No cliches. Check out helium for more book reviews. Or better world books. A good writer can pick up tips from the complaints of whiners.
I try to focus on the awkward sentence. Things like: what I like about that was, so, well, um, hence because, he got. Rewrite a sentence to never have what I like about that was, was- or anything similar. Smooth it out.
The book has been a good excuse to not write. A bookworm has to read after all. But rather than that I am lazy. What I like is, is writing a lot. There, see how that sucked? What I like is to write a lot. It makes me feel good to almost finish a book. Selling one has a been a big help, I am almost done with a second book, and now starting re-edit.
Of course, I have another plot I am working on in my head. Yeah, that looks good wandering around in a fog planning plots. Gotta love that hazy existence, that, uh, if he went there, did that...wait what was I talking about? Oh yeah. No focus. Gotta work on, something.
And do I need to write a new book? No. but I can’t stop thinking about death, and what he would do, and his office, and searching for a plot. I got the girlfriend, the best friend, subplots that explain their motivations, I think, just no plot.
I should mark my crappy progress on a calendar so I could see just how much I should be writing if I wasn’t distracted by tv. Oh wait, south park, new episode....

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