Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the blog sure is useful for tracking laziness. although, i have been writing, just not on the blog. the sci fi comedy is almost done (cue background music) it just needs a major re write, polishing, editing, more chapters written (kill background music) and then another going over, because it just doesn't go into details, enough, (add background music-doom theme) and i haven't written too many fo the sex chapters, but i'm sure i'll finish soon.....
unless, of course, i become addicted to another game (darn you big fish games!) yes, there's the occasional distraction (blockbuster, work) but i just need to focus, and i have written a few more chapters, mostly spurred by the growing credit card debt. nothing like figuring bills to make you desperate for any other source of income. anyone if they still buy plasma? local, because i can't afford gas?
hopefully, a falling economy means more people will buy e books. they're cheaper, quicker, and definetly more erotic. and you can read them while you recover from donating plasma. i haven't done that in a while. the closet source is like two hours drive away, and i need that juice to do overtime at work.
i hope to finish the novel in a mont or so (what's that evil laughter? is that reality again?) and i think i can do it, and then just keep re writing until i tear myself away, claim it's good enough, and send it off. i can be such a b to myself, sometimes.

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