Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i forgot to mention, i heard back from whispers. the re edit wne tvery well, much better than i thought it would. there were minor grammer errors, a few minor corrections. just one or two comments like describe what she is feeling. well, i thought i did, so that made it a little hard to guess fi i did it correctly, but i seem to have a very nice editor, and she really took time to explain what she wanted, and why. a print publisher might not have gone that extra mile. soon, i hope, my book will be out and i can call myself a published author without adding many coments under my breath. i'll have to add a link so people can read the novel. the next one will be better, really. and with slightly less grammer mistakes thank you people at whispers. i did a fast turn around on the re edit when i got off work, since it was simple. i just wrote the book, how hard was one or two paragraphs?
and the best thing to do to pass the time is to write another book. still no plot fix for the paramedic story, i haven't thought much of the pot bopok, and the bomb i gave up on. just not right yet. of course new ideascome all the time. i don't know about the evil cvommune one. but back to paramedic story maybe, after the sci fi comedy.

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