Monday, June 30, 2008

I was thinking, about a guy who could pull himself out of any world. For instance, in one world he is a caring lover, and in another just a ladies guy./ so he pulls versions of himself and uses them. and then he calls up this mean one, like if he had been abused a lot as a young child, and the guy is just a sob. I got the idea because you hear so much of horrible things happening, like someone who ran someone over and drove off, too scared to stop and help, or something. And you think how could they have done that?!? Well, almost any of us could, if we had a different childhood. Haven't you ever looked at someone in the mall, and thought how can she wear that? Why did he marry her? Look at the freak. You know, stuff like that. And here is this person, a guy, who can see all the different things about himself. Would you hate yourself? If you were a different person, would you hate yourself? So anyway, need a bit more plot. I was thinking maybe some version of himself gets loose, yadda yadda yadda. But then I thought, no, been done. How about some other super power in another person? And he fights it? Oh, that has potential plot possibilities.
Still have not heard back from the latest re edit, need to contact her and ask how it is going. If it wasn't for big fish games, I would have the other book done by now. Let's be honest, I was almost finished when I hit that snag called laziness. I need to kick myself and get going. Now I have finished the game, maybe I will pick up and do a better job. At least I got some writing done.
Now it is in pieces, with chapters here and there, some half written. And now, every time I sit down to write, I have pressing other matters. Like going to the store, right now, instead of wading through the mess I left myself. Couldn't just sit down and go from chapter one to the end, no, I have to screw it all up. Still, want to have it done, finished, re written, re edited, by the end of next month. It was going to be this one, but nope, too lazy. Next month, for sure, I hope, I will get it done.

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