Monday, June 2, 2008

many new authors have introduced themselves on the whispers forum. i have just done so, and am looking forward to working with them. i haven't written much lately, becasue of work and other issues. depression does not help. anyway, i discovered a love of root beer and ice cream and rum. also does not help much.
once again, i blame blockbuster. it's only a mere mile or more to the store, and i can return the online dvds, so now i have no excuse to do anything but sit on my butt in between work. i need to grab myself by the throat, shake me, and get to work. maybe just slap myself around a bit.
writing is the center of my life; i havebeen a bookwrom for years, and a want to be writer for years. so why aren't i persuing it harder? for the same reason i don't do anything. laziness. come to think of it, i'm too lazy to slap myself. guess i get away with another day off.
plot is a hard one for me, and thankfully even lazy people like me can do it. i jsut need to day dream. i have the ending, i think, for the mars book, but not the for the paramedic book,not one i like. and this book will be around for years, maybe, and other people will read it and decide if it's good enough for them to want my other books, so it is worth taking time to do it right. i just have to do it.

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