Monday, May 26, 2008

still no word back from whispers. maybe the book was worst than i thought, to need so much editing, or maybe, i should have saved the editor's name, instead of forgetting that aol erases old message automatically. he he. now i have to log onto their forum and ask if anyone knows it is, or email the publisher, or who knows what else. oops.
otherwise, the writing is going goos, over halfway, i think, with the sci fi comedy etc. that's why it's nice to name the book, even if it's tdb, for that dumb book, or bbb, for big bestseller book. doesn't matter, just make something up.
unfortuantly, when i did that, i forgot to change the title before sending it off, hence the first book to be published is called forbidden passion. it sums it up well enough, and print novels are known to change their titles a lot. but not ebooks; the author has a lot more power for their dream.
i don't like the one eyed monster joke, still, for the sci fan book. it just seems a little contrived, somehow. it needs to work in smooth, and run to the big finish to be a good joke. like rat race. every joke led to a bigger joke, smoothly, until the big finish.

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