Sunday, August 10, 2008

whoopee! girly squeal! the new cover for the book forbidden passion is done. it's nice, and at first i thougth i loved it, but now i wonder could i have sold more books if i went with a sexier cover? hello. experts at work at the publishing company. it looks exquiste. very nice. the book is not quite for sale yet and still i worry that it won't do well enough. (or is it good enough? this is why i need an editor.) i am going to try an upload the image to the blog. run! run out and buy the book! uh,...whenit comes out, i mean. should be in another week or two. then run! buy my book! sell sell sell!

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Lili said...

Hi,Xssa, my name is Lil and I do the final edit and style for some of Whispers books. If you could, please get in touch with me at whispersproofreader @ need to get with you on Forbidden Passions--