Saturday, August 9, 2008

i have decided, because i am an idiot, that i should be able to finish dark supers by this wed. as for the sci fi comedy, i don't know, i haven't even looked at it. but i did check out ellora's cave, and they say you can make a living off of ebook writings. (you'll notice they don't say how much) so according to them, i need a good number of books (ten? fifty? hundred+?) a fan base (luck) and i too can make a cozy living. (cozy- extra top ramen, or steak and lobster cozy?) yes, it is open to interpation, but i have decided, being a jobless idiot and all, that maybe i should get off my lazy, procastanating, game playing butt and get some work done. although i ahve been forcing myself to do at elast a chapter or two a day fo dark supers, and was working on new novels. now, i need to publish like a lot. because i so prefer lobster living to top ramen existing.

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