Friday, September 12, 2008

someone has sent me a wonderful tip about a new site that publishes books online. As a bookworm, I propmtly headed over and browsed. As a poor peon, I only looked. And as a writer, I considered which of the books I have currently been thinking about that I might be able to publish. the site looks promising, and needs way more fiction.
all you ghosts need to pitch in and buy, buy, buy-write.
a really good tip would have been to tell me to check my spelling. agh! it's atrocious! or maybe another good tip would have to stop being lazy and write.
it's amazing how other things affect writing. sometimes I just am too depressed to write. now what? I am looking for a job, thank you a wonderful goverment site full of jobs, none of which will probablyhire me, but I can apply and pretend I might be wanted. at least I can stop moping over the help wanted section, and mope over the computer instead.
all of this off time would be valuable if only I was writing. instead, there is another move in the future. if you haven't said the f word 100 times in one day, you haven't moved. if you haven't considered one book, one lightbulb, even a box of ceral, with a critical glance towards throwing it away to avoid packing, you haven't moved. if you haven't shoved heavy boxes every which way, took a break and went back to work and still gained weight from stress, you haven't moved. if you can remember your address even though you haven't used it in a week, you haven't moved. if your head is not flat from banging on a wall, you haven't moved.
do you realize every u haul is most likely driven by a tired, stressed out, exhausted 'never been behind the wheel of anything larger than a toy car' driver? do you consider that the person driving the u haul shooting by you at ninety probably doesn't know where the headlights are, stopping distance, blind spots, tailboard swing? scarrry. give every u haul driver a big grin and remove sharp objects from thier vicinty.

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