Sunday, September 14, 2008

so i was deleting stuff on the computer, trying to get more memory(does it work that way?) and under add or remove programs, it says works word, not used since 2002. like six years since i used it, so blip and it's gone. now, i find, i need it. really, really need it, because half my crap is written with **** microsoft works word processor. why did my computer lie to me?!? i hate when those things do that.
so now, my plans include finding my old disks, and seeing if i have that works wors somewhere. i'm not sure i can reload it, without re doing everything, we'll see. and of course, office whatever won't open works whatever, and this won't do that, and makes you want to have a sqaure paperweight about where the computer is. a useless paperweight, that says unable to find file right before it becomes an asteroid (metoer? which was which again?) out the window.
i have several more oplots, and wan to just run right out and write them. butm, i haven't finsihed hardly anything. i haven't finished that comedy sci fi, and at this rate, who knows. i need to make myself do it, just crank out the last few chapters and send it off.
then, i should have about a 100 other hald baked idea to abandon. i really need to learn to finish things.

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