Saturday, November 8, 2008

nanowrimo is going fine, even though i scrapped the first book and started over from scratch. i am only a little bit behind, and i type fast, though not well, as readers of this blog will attest. mostly, the fast writing is due to my alpha smart. it really is a great device, and i wrote an article about it on helium. they just paid me again too, but then i have over 200 articles written for them. whew.
lot of contests for free ebooks on the internet, which is good, as i don't have a lot of money.
if you are truly serious about being a writer, check out the local bookstore. look for areas of your genre, or what you think you might be writing. if you can't afford the books, sit down and read for a while. if you don't have time to spend all day, try reading just the first chapters and getting a feel for what's out there. it's the best way to learn. remember, any book you read now is about two years behind what an editor bought. so to guess a publishing trend, look at current bestsellers and add two years.
so, for an erotica writer, wanting to write erotica, vampires came out big with ann rice and hamiliton, and now werewolfs. werewolves? so what's next? powerful men, stronger women. more paranromal. prarnormal is seeing a resurgence, right now. ghost stories rock.
i prefer a good horror myself, or sci fi, or comedy. even though i am doing wrimo, i think i will see about getting dark heroes submitted to sam hain. i thought it was a devil worshipping type of publisher, but research, which i usully try to avoid, reveals it to be just a holiday, and the site claims it just came out on that day. so, okay, i don't see too many we love the devil books on their web site, maybe it's okay.
i am a christian, for the record.
so how can i write erotica?
good question.
i avoid anything sacrelgious (never should my characters have sex in a church, on the altar. it's just not cool.) forbidden passion took place in the temple, but not a christian one. hmmm. i guess since i read erotica, it's okay to write it. and even if i didn't write it, one can't avoid the occasional sex scene. an erotica novel is just a bit heavier on sex than usual.
okay. i'll probably never write an occult horror,but other forms are still open. plus, i just don't like reading there a werewolf because of the devil! pact from hell! it shows very little imagination. have you noticed how everything is demon this and demon that? boo hoo piers anthony. the xanth series was going good.
demons show up a lot in fantasy, and it's such a shame. cliche. lack of imgaination.
how about mroe talking dragons, smart cats, human powered spaceships?
erotica is focused on sex, and romance. horror is focused on being spooked. it's the slow kill. nto the long drawn out one, but the nail biting scene. erotica is not jsut about sex, it is about awesome sex, blow your socks off slow romantic passages.
which, by the way, is hard to write.
so, check out the contests. get thsoe free ebooks, and buy buy buy books. feel free tobuy mine and join my contest.

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