Saturday, November 29, 2008

so far sales are up. wahoo. made eight whole big ones. yep, eight dot zero zero. eight whole dollars. go ebook by first time author in a recession. yea.
no entries yet into the contest, which means you, who ever you are if you're not me, has a very good chance of winning. about a 100 percent, i would think. maybe 99 percent.
okay, so, again, write a review explaining something i can change to make the book better, and you are entered to win a full refund.
write a note in the comments, here, or send it the email. either way, enjoy the book, or get a refund. life can't get much better than that.
well, okay, winning lottery tickets all around would be better. but you know, for a poor broke, penniless writer it's pretty good.

nanowrimo is done! congrats to all who entered.
even if you didn't finsih.

i'm done moving, job hunting, and ripping my hair out. will okay not the last. but some things have settled down, so back to submitting books. back to blogging. back to whining. *whine* why aren't i making more money?

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