Saturday, December 20, 2008

the sci-fi, still unnamed, is at 46,000 something. pretty darn good. i still ahve a few sex scene to write, then finisht he end chapters, and rewrite a few parts here and there. over all, it's going good.
what i can see of it around the cat.
pounce cat treats.
not a good idea, because now the cat sits in front of the the tv, the computer, whatever i so happen to be doing. for a creature that people think has no idea what is going on, it manages to be the biggest pest when it wants something. right now, tho9se feline eyes are staring into mine. then come the claws. god help me if i runout of cat treats. i have about eight spare bags between em and a pack of band aids.
other thanthat, writing is going good. i was thinking of the next great omedy,a nd had two suggestions. one, a book i had done int he past, also a gfantasy, or a new one, about elves and trolls tha i havn't started on.
we'll see.

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