Thursday, January 29, 2009

i heard back from my editior. so far so good. most of the changes are syntax. you would think i couldn't even talk, as bad as i write. i don't write english well, but i done talk american good. like totally.
but still, all the parts i wasn't sure of she flagged as needing work. now, i just have to thump brain into working and figure out what would fit very well. ugh.
other than that, i haven't been writing much. the sci fi comedy still needs a bit of work, i intend to finish it as soon as darkheroes is done. it's in editing now, a qaurter way done, so maybe in a few weeks dark will be done and then sci fi should be up in about a month, tops.
and, i got the worksheet from forbidden passion sales.
no one is buying.
well, surprise.
no one has money, it's hard to get a job, i'm not surprised that no one is buying a lot of books, but you know, it's an ebook. cheap.
and i certainly can't afford the usual paperback now. i could sob when i think how long since i have been in a barnes and noble. or borders. and actualy bought something. sob.
ebooks aren't so bad. some are not good writing, some are great.
each one has a short preview so you know if you want it or not. of course, if you're going to write an ebook you need to buy some and read them.
especially forbidden passion. it tells you what not to do. sob.
i have higher hopes for dark heroes.
of course i do.
writing a book is like buying a lottlery ticket. you want it to be a winner, you day dream about spending the fortune, and as for winning. well. somebody has to be on the best sellers list, right?
pretty sure it won't be forbidden passion, however.
sob. need i repeat it? anyone like running gags? no? okay. moving on.
let's see how the rest of the edit goes. and i still haven't seen a book cover yet.

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