Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i just saw batman the dark knight. i know, i know, i'm like so far behind everyone else. but the story is interesting to anyone who wants to be a writer, and i don't mean the kill the parents raise a superhero one. look at the basic theme- batman. now look how differnt each plot is in all the movies, inluding the old adam west batman. bop! boff! biff!
it shows how differnt htings can be with out changing the story. for instance, woman falls in love with erewolf. it's been done, really. really, really, been done, as has werewolf and vampire, vampire loves, vampires psychic, etc. so, after all the cries of plagarsim that's on the net now, what does these stories have to do with anything? if you think about it, aliens and et have the same basic principle,. do you know the differnce between a vague ideal and plagarism? it might be good to know that something specific, like santa, is trademark, and vague ideas, like alien on earth, is not. after all, et wouldn't have been created because day the earth stood still came out first. and that was an alien on earth wanting to contact his home planet, and hiding fromt eh government.
but back to batman, because i jsut so happen to be a fan. there's a bit of plot iin this one. there's talk of ideas, and what heroes mean, and sacrifices for the city. very nice. the joker isn't as insane, but that's okay. if you edit your book, or when you're writing it, you can have just about as many plot changes as each of these batman movies. you wouldn't think it, but some writers starts with kids books, add on until it's young adult, spice up for adult, then add jokes for comedic, change thier mind, make someone a space alien-whew! its like writing every batman movies. and each one is pretty good. each was well recieved, and int heir time, each one could have been written at any time. you couldn't do the special effects, or so much violence a while ago, and the dialogue is a bit stiff in the old movie, but you know, they're all pretty good, and each one of your books is too. you don't have to re edit a lot, just enough that you like it, and then ask yourself if a great many readers will like it. ta da. that's it.
i sent the contract off to whispers, and now am waiting to hear from them. an editor should be contacting me soon. yippee, then the fun begins.

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