Saturday, February 14, 2009

so now i have time off (@#$% job!) for a while, it's time to tell myself-
i have time to write.
i have time to write.
i have time to write.
because writing is what makes a writer instead of a dreamer. ah, so what to write about? you want to write, want to be a romance writer, but can't guess? even with all your time to yourself?
get a big bottle of favorite liquor. drink. wake up. deal with hangover. that' s a good start. or/and
lie back, relaxed, and let your mind drift to what you want.
money, fame, superpowers? want a werewolf lover to howl up your nights or are you worried about the fleas?
longing for a vampire vixen, or worried that she'll have coffin breath?
looking for an alien alpha male who's human enough for you?
most fo what you want, is what other people want.t hat vague feeling of longing, over money, life, or love is shared by the people who will be reading your books once you write them, and edit them, and edit them again, and repeat endlessly.
so, when you have time off, find a way to get in touch with yourself. your wants.
that bitter attitude that finds every flaw is perfect for a comedy. that idle daydream is the next best fantasy.
that complaint that there jsut aren't any good mechanic based romance good be a whole new genre. noticing a loack of zombies novels might not do you any good. there's something about corpses (especially fi you have had to deal one in summer that's been ther a while) that just really kills the mood. trust me.
take a deep breath. think. then write, write, write.

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