Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I just watched the last futurama movie. I know, instead of working on my book, right? absolutely. Gee, wonder why I don’t get anything done. Maybe because I chalk it all up to research. is there a movie i jsut have to waste my time on? it's reasearch, got to see what makes it so good. Ah, research, you can never have enough of it when there is a good cartoon on.
So, why do I care if leela and fry get together? That's what makes a blockbuster versus a ten cent rack paperback. Because I love the characters, giggle at the jokes and adore the animation.
Are my characters that lovable? Like, spluh, as amy would say.
I am almost re done with dark supers, now sitting at little over 48,000 words. Awesome. Almost done. Now, I send it back to the editor and then I don't kmow. She'll probably go through it and find like a hundred mistakes and correct them and I'll be like, duh, why didn't I see that? Because I have fried my brains watching cartoons. Spluh.
For some reason, when I worry about money I don't seem to want to write. Usually, the drive for something, even pissy ass pocket change I call a paycheck, makes me want to write. For some reason, I feel tired and depressed, and can barely force my eyes to focus. Time to get another job. Oh wait, I've been looking. Dang. Time to get desperate. Maybe big bucks coming in will make me feel like writing. Otherwise, I might have to use that discipline thing. Maybe make my self write, hunt down a muse or two and tie them up for a while, instead of having them distract me with their glorious swan song. yes, swan song, they sing once when they die. So a daydream, really, has a swan song, because it just never seems as good a second time, days later. Got to write them books, now, when they feel hot on the brain.
Oh wait, gotta say it.
You want your readers to think only what you want them to think.
Which right now is that someone is a bit lazy or they would be writing instead of turning their brain too mush.

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