Monday, June 15, 2009

i just sent off the 'hope to God it's the final' final version of dark heroes for the last, i hope last, re edit. now, i wait to hear back from my wonderful/frustating editor.
there are three new lines in it.
they comes from another blog, well known for sexy humor, or just plain fun. their friday video of 'total eclipse of the heart' was just freaking hilarious.
run, your vagina is haunted.
shaved the bush to make the tree look talled is in there too.
for some reason, this dark book came out with a lot of light humor in it.
still, anything that makes people like a book is good, right? so i emailed the blog and told them i used the lines. we'll see if they read the comments.
but in the meantime,
done with dark heroes for a while!
back to typing out the next disater to need major reedits before being published. yeah.
i think i started like three books at least since that one was accepted. at least. now, i need to finish at least one past a mid way point and it might get finished, unless i totally re do the sci fi comedy to meet their standards. or do the usual, and do both, a new write and a re edit. becuase one thing is just too simple to finish, no, i have to make work for myself.
ps. they also spell the word the as "teh." yeah, typing dyslexics untie. or whatever.

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