Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i'm lazy. after pushing myself to finish dark heroes i have taken a few days off from writing. the nice thing, now that i have made an effort to write every day before the last big re write and after the big re write, i now notice that it has been a few days since i have written anything.
i'll get back to writing in a day or so. i have the suburban paranrormal, the castle story, and a new one i was thinking of, but have nothing done except a few notes.
i heard back from the editor, it will be about a week before she is done. so that's not to long of a wait to hear how bad/good it is. hopefully we already did the bad and now were into the good.
check out this sentence.
no wonder he offered to walk her home. her shirt was ripped to her stomach. a free peep show to the creeps of the world.
the editor didn't understand why she was callinghim a creep whenhe had jsut saved her. was this too vague? the creep part refers to everyone she would have met on the way home, and he saw it, and offered to walk her home. he's protecting her, not being called a creep.
but remember.
if the editor was confused, areader could be, andhere is where you lose them. inthe maze of perfectly clear sentence that are not understood. and then the reader remembers they didn't like your book. the last book, and never again buy your work, even though you shown massive improvment.
every book needs tobe as good as you can at the moment, and keep improving. you might get a second chance at those readers that didn't like your earlier work.

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