Thursday, June 11, 2009

today i asked the posting authors of whispers which is better" a blog or a website?
i found whispers though a blog called elf killing and other hobbies. but i love the website of jennifer estep. she also writes books about super heroes and her website has buildings that move and little interactive things. i could never afford a website like that. especially not with being an ebook writer.
my last novel, forbidden passion, made eigth bucks.
yep. eight whole big ones. long live the economy. yah, ebook from a first time writer.
i am still going over dark heroes, and as much as i have put into this book it had better sell more.
i think the writing has improved, but it's hard to say.
hopefully within a few books i'll be good enough to write print novels, and then the bucks will really start rolling in. maybe even into the three digits. whoopee.
okay, i'm being bitter. poverty sucks.
but at least i was published, and whispers is willing, despite low sales, to publish another book. and it is very good practice. every author goes through this i hate my book thing.
just read the foreword of many modern books. a lot of work goes into first time novels, and mine are sadly no exception.
the good news is i'm one third of the way through the edit. the bad news is i am one third of the way through the edit. it took me two hours last night, so i figure if i chug pop at work i might be able to put in enough late nights when i get home to finish the edit by sometime next week.

i had plans to redo the sci fi funny with whathername being his one true love. now, i have to finish this book re edit. then, i still need to work on the homeless suburban paranormal, and the castle story.
i gotta admit, i like having so many ideas. now if a idea doesn't work out i have so many others to try and get done before the next big re edit.

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