Tuesday, June 9, 2009

going through the old posts i see that i have mentioned doing the same re writes. this blog is a great way to reveal what a lazy ass I am. and it's not big fish games fault, i just need to crack down. i have been writing a bit before the job, not every day, but trotting along pretty well.
I think the sci fi comedy will be redone so that she is his love, as fits in with whispers new policy. i hope i can finish it within a months or so. the only problem is rewrites are done at home, and new books are done at starbucks or elsewhere.
i might be able to work on it at night.
whispers has a newsletter coming out that might have contests in it. i'm going to suggest they check out blogs for prizes since no one ever reads mine.
of course, havinga life to talk about might help. i could offer a penny for every typo spotted but i would soon be broke.
i just finished the heart shaped box, by Joe Hill. pretty spooky. the ghost had a lot of power, but enough to be subtle. over all, it was an excellent book. the scene where he sees the little girl in the back yard gave me goosebumps. the book starts fast enough and keeps going strong. this is a must read for horror fans. though the main character might have been cliche being a rocker with a dark streak his girlfriends where not. and really, the main character was interesting enough i don't care if maybe rocker with a drama past has been done before. this was well worth the money i spent on it.
or would have spent, but i have border bucks from a survey site. i buy newbooks every month or so, fifteen dollars worth. there's no reward for recommending people but i might toss up a link to them anyway, as i love sharing free reads.

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