Thursday, July 16, 2009

so the book must be going well. i checked the whispers site and the book is listed under coming soon, which it has been for a long time. i haven't heard from the layout people, so hopefully everything si going well. i sort of finished the theif story. finished as in, is till have a few scenes to write, i need a last paragraph to wrap er up good, but otherwise, pretty much done. i don't even know the word count, but i do know i have written 4,000 plus words in a couple of days. by the way, i love my alpha smart. i love the word count feature that lets me see why my hands hurt so much, and i love the way i can curl at a book store and star bucks and type for hours beforework. and i love the way it holds so much, becuase i keep forgetting to download.
alpha smart.
if you are at all serious about writing, try it try it try it now.
so, back to all about me.
i still need to redo the paramedic story and sell to changleing, or maybe one of the others, i need to re edit the thief story now that it is almost done. about a month, i think, ( i don't base that on anything i'm making it up) for the theif story maybe and about a few weeks of good writing for paramedic.
the dark paranormal i was working onjust doens't seemto thrill me. i need to find the cool angle and get it back on track.

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