Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i heard back from the editro today. looks like the three lines are staynig in. also, she sent it off to the layout person, who will contact me if there are any problems. i don't remeber this fromt eh first book,but who cares? maybe this is for people who have improved, slightly. oncethe book is published, the current contest (with zero entries) will switch to dark heroes. tell what I can improveon as a writer, and if ia gree, your entered to win your cash back for the book. the theroy, here, is that i will continue to improve, readers will help me to improve, and they will be willing to buy more books if there's a chance they might be free.
anyway, the book has now gone to payout,a dn soon hopefully there will be another cover to display on the ol' blog page. pages. whatever.
the sci fi comedy needs to be redone, and i think i now how to do it. i think i said that before. but now, i am finished, for the most part, with dark heroes and can redo the comedy as soon as possbile, hopefully finsihing in a month or so. we'll see.

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