Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dark heroes is out!

so the book is finally published, after counteless revisions. they offered me a few copies but i haven't opened the file yet. i'm sure i'll hate becuase i hate just about anything when i'm done, and all the possbilities have been played out. now, i am almost done revising thief and will send it in by the end of this week.
some of the excitment has faded of course because i'm already focused on thief. next, i dn't know, i might try the castle story with harelquin, or maybe try and finish clueless sally. by the time i send thief if, if it gets published, which i think it probably will, i should be ready to go all out on another book. once accepted and re edited and finished i want to have another book ready to go. just one after another, each one, hopefully, getting better and better.

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