Thursday, August 27, 2009

i sent in the next book, the one with the thief. i decidedto the heart of the thief, because i thought it sounded romantic. till then, it was june rewrite, or something like that. jully 22 rewrite, i think it was. yeah, not very impressive.
but the last book was called dark heroes because that was the tag on it, and they thought it was a title. to give whisperes credit, i had a chance to change the name if i felt like it. but um, no. i suck at names. really, really, suck at names. i don't know why, because i like the writing in this book, i think it shows improvment over the others. i can hardly wait to hear back from whispers, becuase event hough i think they will publish it you never know. maybe the other books haven't sold, or it's not enough improvment, or they have restritcions now on publishing too many books, or they changed editors, or who knows. but hopefully, they will like the book. i think castle might be redone for harlequin teens. it will need a lot fo reediting, but i think if i aim for a print publisher regardless if it's accepted it willshowmy best effort.
some people might slack becuse ebooks aren't considered as good as print. but here, in ebooks,is darn good practice with soem of the most wonderful people. so defintly give any eboook your best effort.
besides, any fan here might buy the print books.

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