Saturday, September 26, 2009

i just saw cloudy with a chance of meatballs. great movie, very funny.
and the writing was very nice. every thing mentioned in the first part of the movie was important in the latter part. the jokes kept coming, suitable for kids, funny for adults. the characters were wonderful, a bit cliche, the weather woman is actually smart about chooses to look pretty, the father is a bit odd, but over all, very enjoyable. no one really wants to see an animated deep character but rather an entertaining one. coudy with a chance of meatballs was a must see for people who like movies.
also, i saw nine. did nto like the ending. it ruined the whole movie. i was so glad cloudy with achance of meatballs was better.
so, great writing tip. what did i like about the movie? the characters were amusing, watchable, funny. the writing was catchy, superb, without loose ends. very well done.
now look at your book. do your characters mention something that doesn't appear again? bad author! are you characters enjoyable? bad author! and those are just simple tricks in a kids movie. a kids movie, not exactly a great american novel and yet it has the basics of writing down pat. good lesson, really. the best movies have great plots.
speaking of which, i think space pirates is coming along. i write some at night because it calms me down and leaves me tired. it's wonderful. last time i couldn't sleep i made myself get up, stop thinking, and write for an hour. 2,000 words or so. rhonda has just stolen a ship and the space pirates home world is threatened and they escaped to get help. a breakout fiction novel? maybe not. plot wise it's good, but space pirates? an erotic comedy? okay, maybe not new york bestseller. but what do i care? i live on the west coast.

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