Friday, September 18, 2009

still haven't heard back fromswhispers. usually they are considering about a gajillion books, so it takes a while to read through them, pick the best ones, and then get in contact with the authors,tand then over see editing, artwork, sales, web site maintance. i try to be patient, but i do worry, becuase i have lost email messages before. or actually, my old computer has not shown me every email sentto me.
which does not keep me from crawling the walls after work. i haven't got much writing done lately. first, the rejection-that-wasn't from Whispers. surprisingly, badly, it stopped me from writing for a while. they decided to re look a tthe manuscript and it has helped, i think, becuase i wrote about 4,000 words ont he ya vamp novel. pretty good, huh? it was lal in one day.
i love writing. it's like the feeling after sex or jogging, a sort of relaxed zen state afterwards, a burst of enegery during thewriting period. that's if the book is good for me, otherwise, it sometimes drag and i need to try writing something else until i'm all a ga ga over the plot or something.
i think now regardless of the book possbile sale i will keep writing, like any good author does.
so far, i really like the writing breakout ficiton book. it's a good book for writers.
i just finished the newest simon r green novel, the spy who haunted me. very good, just like the others in the series. well worth reading if you like very dark fiction.

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